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Kuwait Life

by Jane Twain on 10/03/15

Sitting in a cafe attending my emails and other important messages is no the best way of doing my work. If i had a personal choice, I would opt for doing the same sitting on my living room couch or even in bed.  How much more comfortable it would be. I would be permitted to touch my breast once in a while or to scratch my back. I could wear whatever I wanted, or just be naked. Sitting in a lobby in one of the hotels in Kuwait is not way perfect but the only solution if I ever want to read my emails. I usually end up here renting one of the flats with very weak or worse, no internet access. Flat is usually nice with big living room, most importantly one or two couches (my favorite way to start a session is teasing on them), a bedroom with a good size bed , kitchen and a bathroom. Most of all, a flat is discreet and totally different from majority of hotels here which in Kuwait are in no way a suitable location for a naughty activities I do. Yes I know, sitting in a lobby can be tiresome, strangers looking with curious eyes, local families busy with each other. It can be interesting from time to time though, if one likes to watch others or prefer a change of environment. Personally it is not my piece of cake.

Still Kuwait has become slowly one of my favorite locations in the GCC together with Doha. I can not help myself but notice friendliness of people. Meetings here take special quality and shape into a perfect social encounters. People take the time to enjoy life, approaching an escort as they would any lady they would be meeting for a date. How lovely it is!

My time here is filled up with a variety of activities, from taking time to write my book (currently finishing first chapter), answering my emails, chatting on what's up, to managing my finances and meeting a stranger for something out of routine encounter to jogging on the Kuwait streets and going to lulu market to buy candles. Balance and for that matter, variety, is important in my life.

Jogging though Kuwait street is an interesting matter. I guess it is not very often to be seen, an European lady running like mad though local streets. Sometimes I get a stare or two, sometimes a whisper or a hi. Most of the times I am ignored. Now with a temperature having reached a manageable level, I like to do it once in a while. It relaxes me and gives my brain a fresh start.

Buying candles is essential. I can never run too short of them. I usually get them together with lots of other items, including food and condoms. For the massage oils, I prefer special stores as I like them to be excellent quality and variety. I am also fond of sexy lingerie. I usually get one extra piece every month or so to keep things interesting.

A session is an important event. I usually like to start getting ready well ahead for everything to be perfect. I like the room to be warm and cosy, with lots of candles, classical music and arousing smells. I take a bath, put a light make up and a lingerie of a choice. I am waiting till knock on the door after which i kiss my visitor on the cheek. My aim is for us to be moved in other time and dimension. Smell the candles, listen to the music, talk and touch each other, experience the magic of the moment, no matter if it is two hours or a night. After all, memories are made in present.

Now is the time to stop being lazy and return to writing my book. I have shared with you a word or two, so do not blame me. After all we all have duties to come back to, and learning how to write is for me one of them. Talk to you soon, whether by text or what's up, maybe messenger or email. Wherever you are!

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1. Lion Frank said on 10/17/15 - 06:54AM
my dear beautiful jane. I think the issue of money is a matter of offer and demand. If every girl charge high prices for her service then most of the girls will lose their clients. Off course you can find clients although you charge high prices for your sessions but that is because you are a very special lady. But I guess money ladies can not find clients with the level of prices you charge
2. Doha man said on 10/20/15 - 01:34PM
Jane deserve her high price, I met Jane last night for the Full 2hrs session, it is simply WOW, she is amazing in her love making with candles,, the kissing and BJ is fantastic, the relaxing massage is excellent specialty when she touch the foot and the butt, her ass is the best of the best to have pleasure with for longer time in all positions,,,

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