I am a passionate reader. Despite completing my degree, for years after I buried myself in books. Library and a bookshops were familiar places filling my head with passion, interest and also escape from reality. I came to conclusion that reading would be a mere entertainment if never used to practice in real life. Knowledge is meant to be active, practical and shared with others. Slowly I started to came out from my little hiding place. Although comfortable, I started to feel bored to remain there, as if an voice from outside were calling me to start living the real life. I felt scared like a little child afraid of the dark, some part of me felt pulled  towards the unknown, terrified yet longing for an adventure. Today, because of this step I decided to take years back, I am a different person. I am not sure what kind of person I would be if I stayed where I was. It does not really matter. I know now that life is about balance: reading & active practice, solitude & social time, pleasure & pain. I am now very fortunate because I live my passion. I believe that we all have the right to know and learn how to achieve fulfillment and happiness in our lives.
I have been interested in people for as long as I can remember. People, and particularly people with backgrounds different to mine, have always intrigued and inspired me. I have always been driven to know them, to share and exchange experiences with them, and to connect and embrace our differences. Being intimate and exploring Tantra was a way to explore the hidden part of our nature, of what makes us human yet often thought as taboo in many cultures. Over the years, I developed a talent for listening and helping people resolve their challenges and explore their possibilities. I know that this was further reinforced by the fact that I have lived a roaming, multi-cultural life that has been played out on three continents. 

Companionship sessions only for those looking for:



Inspiration for your life or business. 

If you think someone involved in so often called "sex business" must be an uneducated who is somehow forced into this life situation think again. If you think that a female who is remains single then something must be "wrong with her as not able to marry", I will challenge your perceptions. Normality is subjective. It is also defined by our cultural norms. I would like to meet you, converse with you, listen to you. In today world, with so many people in a hurry, rushing from one meeting to another, their minds distracted, stuck with commitments, a true attention of someone is priceless, an listening ear, a best friend. I do not claim that I will solve your life problems. I do hope though to give you insights into your life and business which could open your mind to new possibilities or solutions. 

​Companionship & consulting sessions (non erotic) are priced differently from my regular Tantra meetings. Please inquire.